Sketchbook for the Mind - by Sohnarr & Tina De Souter


"When thoughts fill the room with silence
- and silence fills your head with thoughts"

Handbound sketchbook with coloured thread and saddle stitch technique. 100% recycled paper of different texture from surplus vinyl inserts from Coral Dusk, old city maps, test prints of the art print - " I øde." and more. This sketchbook contains a combination of lined pages for writing as well as blank pages for sketches. Every sketchbook is unique and contains a different cover, a different thread, different pages and a different selection of quotes selected by Sohnarr for everyday inspiration.

Size - 14,8 x 21 cm (A5)

A collaboration between Sohnarr and graphic designer Tina De Souter.

Image - ©Tina De Souter